Shark Backpack Lightweight Large Capacity School Bag Back to School Gift for Teenagers


This school bag for kids is not only safe and fun, but also has a lot of personality in the Shark School Bag. There is a big world in a small schoolbag. Children can take their favorite things and go where they want to go. Waterproof and durable Oxford cloth escorts them, traveling, going to school, traveling, and spending fun time with children.

A small schoolbag has a big world.
Not just large capacity——
Large capacity without gusts of wind – clever use of each space, large-capacity main bag + multiple functional bags; help children develop good habits of storage and classification. Travel is convenient, simple and orderly.

  • The backpack is made of durable, water-resistant Oxford fabric that is lightweight and hardwearing. Strong and resistant to external friction, the perfect lightweight backpack for everyday use and leisure travel.
  • Ergonomic breathable mesh shoulder straps and ample sponge padding help take the pressure off your shoulders. Adjustable straps allow you to adjust the length to your comfort. The breathable material on the back makes the backpack comfortable to wear, and you won’t sweat when you wear it for a long time. Convenient loop on top for easy grab and hang.

USB use – three easy steps
Built-in USB cable
Plug in the power bank and turn it on
External socket connection data line


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