Lucky Love Wind Chime with Steel Nails


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This wind chime is made of recycled horseshoes and is hand-made, which can bring good luck to love!💘

The flower language of calla lily is unwavering love to death and unwavering loyalty, so it is often used as a bouquet for wedding brides. The wind chimes in the heart of the horseshoe will also bring you a pure and flawless love.

This wind chime is made of recycled horseshoes, adhering to the concept of environmental protection, and discovering the goodness that can be used in life, each one is unique.

Believe me, this must be a great gift. It can be hung outdoors or on a window, it is beautiful scenery.🎁
P.S.This item may naturally rust over time when hung outdoors and in a humid environment.
Materials: recycled, horseshoe heart,outdoor, metal, bell.


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