Hilipert Portable Neck Massager


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Hilipert Portable Neck Massager USES INNOVATIVE EPM TECHNOLOGY
The secret to Hilipert Portable Neck Massager is its Electronic Pulse Massage (EPM). An electrical nerve stimulator sends tiny, painless electrical pulses through your skin to promote joint health. These low voltage electrical pulses cause your body to release endorphins and other natural compounds to ease pain signals in the brain.
EPM has also been proven to increase blood flow and circulation. Poor blood flow has been shown to cause joint pain, stiffness and muscle cramping. The better your blood flows, the more oxygen reaches your muscles and the faster sore and inflamed tissue can recover.
By varying the intensity and duration of the electrical impulses, you can target your specific muscles’ needs and maximize relief and effectiveness.
Hilipert Portable Neck Massager is safe, non-invasive and costs a mere fraction of pain relief alternatives. And best of all, it’s easy to use and works immediately!


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