Football Socks for Men and Women, Non-slip Silicone Bottom Soccer Basketball Grip Socks


Introducing Grip Socks – the revolutionary non-slip socks designed to keep your feet secure and comfortable.

The robust cotton composition of these socks creates a superior degree of comfort, allowing you to move effortlessly but ensuring that your feet never suffer from slippage or excessive pressure.

An anti-slide block is placed on the bottom for exceptional traction and balance, allowing you to make frustrating missteps a thing of the past.

The 2Y anti-skid design also prevents heels from slipping as you’re moving around.

Trust us – no other sock provides such exemplary grip and protection combined with unparalleled comfort and coziness.


Anti Slip Silicone

The bottom of these grip socks is equipped with anti-skid silica gel. The stripe structure can effectively fix the position of shoes and socks, provide certain strength to prevent injury, and improve the outbreak speed.

Thicken the Bottom 

In order to create more excellent men’s athletic socks, the bottom of the thickened design, thick and compact, is conducive to shock absorption and buffer, sweat absorption and sweat discharge, increases the foot contact sense, effective sports shock absorption, and arch protection.

Golden Ratio of Fabric

Prohibit proportion, smooth fabric, fine and soft, more wear-resistant and not easy pilling.

Back of Foot Support

Instep design is elastic, further improving your athletic performance. In addition, the large-area mesh design of the ankle can quickly discharge the sweat produced in the movement and keep the inside of the shoe fresh.

Silica Gel

Round and full, with excellent elasticity, and tear resistance. Each silica gel thickness is more than 1 mm, better quality to ensure the actual effect. Best soccer gifts for men.

Size: US 6-11

Material: Polyester, Spandex


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