FITZ Healing Kit – Take Control Of Your Wellbeing, Foot Massage, Unisex Sizing, Black


Reflex massage shoes are a unique home stimulator designed for point impact on the reflex zones of the feet.

Despite its simple design, the massager in the form of slippers can improve blood circulation not only to the feet and legs but also to other parts of the body, and doing so can contribute to the relief of a wide variety of day-to-day problems.

FITZ can increase blood flow and oxygen by applying pressure to the reflex zones…

Boostinghealthy energy throughout your body…

Reflex zone is the region in the zone therapy that illustrates its interconnection with the whole parts of the body. Pressure applied to this region will help specific organ or particular part to alleviate the pain and symptoms of a disease.


Similar to a manual massage, the FITZ can present benefits like:


  • Circulation and relaxation of the legs
  • Soothe joint and back discomfort
  • Muscle Recovery
  • Feet Relaxation
  • Improve the elasticity and mobility
  • Better mood
  • Better digestion

Using them for 10 to 15 minutes at home can produce great results. Or, if you are in great discomfort from having to stand for long hours, you can try wearing them for longer periods.

fitz reflexology

fitz reflexology

Size Guide:

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