Ems Abs Trainer Abdominal Muscle Stimulator With LCD Display



  • Rechargeable: The Exercise Apparatus Uses USB Charging Can Offer More Stable and Long Last Power, and The Exercise Intensity of The Machine Increases by 50% Than The Similar Products. But Beyond That, We Also Provide an Auxiliary Belt as a Support for the Abdominal Pad, So it Will not be Separated From Your Abdomen When You Move.
  • Powerful & Efficient: This Ultimate Stimulator is designed for training with 20 minutes per time, 1-2 times per day for 6+ weeks. 20-minute using equals 30 minutes Sit-ups, 2000M Running, 30 minutes Swimming, or 2 weeks of diet.
  • What’s it for It’s for body training: This Ultimate Stimulator can help to tone, tighten and strengthen your body, you can gain a better figure after consecutive use of this product for about 2 months.
  • Flexible & Portable: This Ultimate Stimulator provides 10 exercise modes to choose from, adopts 20 intensity levels from warm-up to high-intensity exercise, and finally to relaxation. This product can be used anytime and anywhere for it’s small enough to be put into a briefcase.
  • Attention: This Ultimate Stimulator defaults to 20 minutes and automatically turns off the power after no ‘s designed with power self-check function. Only when you stick the gel pads to your body, can the controller start working.


Simple Operations

  • Step 1- First make the device fully charged.
  • Step 2- Connect the device to the abdominal pad.
  • Step 3- Take out the Plastic film from the Abdominal pad.
  • Step 4- Paste the Abdominal pad to your body and adjust intensity.


Power ON/OFF:

  • Press the “+” or “-” button to switch, then press” +”, the blue indicator light will be on. Press the enhance button after the power is turned on, the blue light flashes, and the output intensity is 1 level.
  • Stimulus intensity is divided into 20 levels (1-20) When using for the first time, set a lower intensity.
  • Please adjust other intensities after adapting to low intensity.
  • The fitness device works by default for 20 minutes. After that, it will automatically shut down after 20 minutes, and the blue light goes out.
  • will automatically shut down if there is no operation within one minute of standby.
  • When forcibly turning off the power during training, please press and hold the power switch (Button”-“) on the fitness device for 1 second. The fitness device will turn off the power. A

Package Included:

  • 2 x Arm Fitness Device
  • 1 x Abdominal Fitness Device
  • 3 x Host
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual


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