Electric Shoe Dryer – Deodorize, Dehumidify, Heater For Shoe Insoles Winter Warmer


Looking for a high-quality shoe dryer to dry and warm your shoes on rainy days or in the winter?   

Everyone knows the misery of sliding their feet into soggy, stinky, and cold shoes after wearing them on a rainy day – it’s a horrible sensation that, thankfully, you no longer have to endure! After walking through mud and puddles, you can use the Electric Shoes Dryer to dry your shoes overnight. And if you need to use them the next morning, it doubles as a shoe warmer, so they’ll be toasty by the time you put them on – ideal for those early morning commutes on a chilly winter day! 

Why should you have this Electric Shoes Dryer?

 Make Shoes Dry & Comfortable
Our shoe dryer has two heating elements on its two sides, and the drying area is enlarged, which can evenly dissipate heat, accelerate moisture evaporation, and quickly restore wet shoes to dryness.
 Porous Heat Dissipation
The shoe dryer has a dense distribution of heat dissipation holes. When heated, a ring-shaped warm air flow is formed, 360° heat is distributed evenly, including the sole and upper, and dead corners can be dried evenly.

 Intelligent Auto Timer
You can set the timer to shut down for shoes of different materials, thicknesses, or humidity. Allow it to run quietly and safely. Precise timing can keep your favorite shoes from overheating.
 Fire Resistant & Travel Friendly
The shoe dryer is constructed of fire-resistant materials. Compression and high-temperature resistance; do not burn or deform when used. It is also very compact and can fit into suitcases or carry-on bags.
 Widely Suitable
This versatile shoe dryer can be inserted into a variety of footwear, including slippers, trainers, work shoes, hiking boots, and skiing and snowboarding boots, to prevent unpleasant odors and damp footwear.


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