Cosset Sandals Walking Cross Sandals


Looking for the best support for long walks?

Our comfortable sandals are perfect to support you during your daily walks. These fine comfortable sandals are specially designed for people who want to live a pain-free life and walk again. No one wants heel spur, foot or knee pain ruining their life.



With these sandals, you won’t need expensive doctor’s visits or expensive insoles. Every step you take with the sandals is cushioned by the sturdy and soft sole. The thick sole absorbs shocks and supports the entire foot, not just the heel.

The sandals are lightweight and therefore very comfortable to wear. They are also made of breathable material so your feet can breathe!


✅ Cushioning – The comfortable sandals offer cushioning under the entire foot for optimal comfort. Upper material: Mesh fabric. Sole material: Polyurethane.

✅ More stability – The extra-large sole under the heel provides stability and the carefully placed insole ensures a perfect fit, comfort and better performance.

✅ For wide and narrow feet – The sandals are suitable for people with both wide and narrow feet.

More energy for the day! Sandals allow you to concentrate on the essentials without pain!

Remember to buy some for your family or your friends, maybe they are also looking for a suitable Sandals.

Please support genuine products, The sandals sold in other stores are pirated products, Please look for ours.


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